Shine in Her Eyes|درخشش چشمانش

A Voice from Iran

First year of the university had started and the young students were excited. Boys were looking carefully at the girls to in hopes of finding their match. All the girls were beautiful but there was something different about Ranaa. Ranaa was the one simple girl that all the boys had their eyes on.


Months passed and between all the richest and handsomest boys, Ranaa chose the smart, quiet and ordinary boy who always sat at the back of each class. The boy didn’t have much and could only take her for cheap sandwiches or Tuesday movies, because tickets were half price.

Ranaa loved books and movies, so the boy bought her many used books because that’s all he could afford.


They would read and interpreted the books for hours on a bench beside a pond near their dorm.


There was always a special shine in Ranaa’s eyes which was a…

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