Travel: Where To Eat & Drink In Llandeilo

Picking the Day

Dan and I like our food. We might even like food more than we like each other, and we like each other a helluva lot, so that’s really saying something! Eating out basically formed the majority of our early days of dating, and nothing has changed – we frequently pledge to be more interesting with our date nights is, but honestly? We just wanna eat. We wanna eat everything. And also drink. But mostly, eat. And what better time to participate in our favourite pastime than a holiday?? That cavalier ‘calories don’t really count this week’ attitude? That little nest egg you’ve put to one side purely for frivolous spending? That sense of adventure that makes you willing to try anything? And a whole host of places you’ve never been to before? The perfect ingredients for a week of culinary treats, much like the one we had last month!


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