Eat, Pray, Love—and the Money Supply… #travel #humor #Italy Part 2

Barb Taub

The Money Supply and me.

“Give me a one-handed Economist. All my economists say ‘on the one hand…’, then ‘but on the other…” ― Harry Truman[image: Adam Smith Statue, Edinburgh]

“We’ll get you out of here.” Sympathetic to my hincillincphobia (fear of being trapped in enclosed spaces fulled with economists), concierge Mario had thrown himself into the quest of getting me as far from the conference-hosting hotel as possible. Today’s proposed escape was to the nearby island of Capri.

I’d done some research online, and discovered that Capri held two primary tourist draws: designer everything from OTT luxury boutiques, and the Blue Grotto. From reports I read, the savvy tourist would shop for custom fitted sandals, buy a bottle of limoncello, and above all avoid the Blue Grotto.

Mario and I did go back and forth over the guide issue. I’m not a fan, but he thought bus drivers…

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