My Day Ahead – Sept 03, 2019

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Good Morning Bird Poster -


A very simple plan today –

  • Prepare my restock image items for Wed’s trip to the Old Bakery & Emporium while Sheila’s out doing chores
  • Get “some” rest so I can still go to SilverSneakers Yoga Thursday before surgery Friday
  • And eat as reasonably and completely as can be expected knowing I won’t be able to eat my normal diet, much less fav’s or “awhile.” A week, or so? If I’m lucky.

I wanna be lucky 🍀 😊


Unfortunately our Nia class didn’t happen for us.

The schedule online hadn’t been updated and folks that answered the phone weren’t sure if it also had been cancelled, like some of the other classes ‘cause of Labor Day.

It was ok. Wife and I went for a longer walk than usual a little earlier than usual. It was still pseudo-cool, so we could do it.

We knew she had a…

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