Shamanism and the Modern Witch


Several years ago, I discovered the world of shamanism. Before then all I knew about it was the stories that came from Native America, and they were few and far between. I assumed that shamans were simply Native Americans. I was naïve and knew nothing about our world. I still don’t fully understand shamans, but I have reached the conclusion that I can be a shaman here in the UK. Perhaps British shamans have been assigned different names. Perhaps they are druids, pagans, or an ancient people whose history has died out through generations. Perhaps shamanism lies in our blood, and those of us who feel the call will find our way.

Shamanism and the Modern Witch

How could I call myself a shaman when I don’t practice ancient rituals, when I don’t have a mentor or teacher, and when I haven’t officially been inducted into this deeply mysterious and spiritual world? That is what…

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