Perfect Peace 🌈


Your presence isn’t as harsh anymore

I can actually stand to be around you

We never come close

But close enough to where I can see the sun beginning to surround you

The smile on your face tells me that your okay

I smile back, in a reciprocating gesture

Resentment is gone

Friendship is being restored

We can talk now

Laugh a little

The distance between us remain the same, that void never filled

I’m not as scared as I thought

Less angry then I imagined

The sun begins to beam in my face, like an unwavering stare

My eyes being to open…I blink twice

I smile…I was awake in my other world

The one I imagine to be perfect peace

I rise to get my day started

Content with knowing that some things are meant to be left in that world

Content with knowing…it was all a dream 🌈

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