Make today count, you will never get it back


Just a shift in thoughts is all that’s needed to change some moments upside down.

Time quotation

Take time to do what makes your heart beat a little too faster, what heals your soul, what brings you peace, what you know is right, what helps you grow and what makes you feel alive.

Give a try on what’s been there in your mind for awhile. Don’t wait for right time to come cause sometimes there’s never a RIGHT time. It’s all about taking your time and making it happen, or you will always keep thinking and wondering what would have happened if you ever tried it when you still had time.

Time is precious. Do not waste it.

Make today count!

Love and blessings to all 💕

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Live a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From


Sometimes life is a rapid race, isn’t it? A lot are going nowhere really fast, going with the flow of the world. How many of us engage in self reflections to figure out what we are doing in life, where we need to be, how to get there and whether we are really living the life we wish to live? With social media taking over the power of human life styles, we have forgotten how to actually live a life which is happy from the inside rather than happy to the outside. It’s a huge competition out there in social media to show the world what we have in our lives, but the ironical part is, a lot who display the most glamorous lives are the ones who suffer the most from inside and most of them don’t really have what they show to the world. So is that what…

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Be grateful for what you HAVE, before it turns into what you HAD


“Happiness can only exist in acceptance”

-George Orwell-

Do not let anything forget you things you are already blessed with, amazing people you have by your side and the accomplishments you have made so far.

Don’t miss what you HAVE in life RIGHT NOW, while focusing too much on the past which is all gone or the future which is never promised.

There were so many things that could have happened yesterday differently, causing you so much pain. Things you were blessed not to go through. Those loved ones you could have lost but you didn’t.

The truth is, we are blessed beyond the measures, at this very moment, with what we have, regardless of everything that has happened in the past and everything that we still have to achieve and develop in the future.

It is normal that life is often filled with things that are confusing and things…

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Don’t rush things that need time to grow


Waiting can sometimes be painful and difficult to handle. But some things in life are worth the wait.

At certain situations, you can be in a hurry, rush things and get something that is low in quality, meaning and deep connection. In simple, “something that is not what you really want.”

Or you can choose to wait patiently and take necessary steps to build and develop a great foundation to finally reach what exactly you want.

When you choose not to rush, you have the time and ability to build a foundation that is strong, energetic, deep and full of meaning. With such a foundation, rest of the journey is more joyful and purposeful.

But if you rush things over the reasons such as fear, uncertainty and loneliness, there’s a high possibility that you will later regret rushing it that needed time to grow.

  • Do you want to find…

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A Mother or a friend..

meena's blog

Sitting so close..yet so far from each other..Thanks to the mobile addictions…

As a Mother of 3 growing teenagers,I wonder how I didnt see this coming…

They are going through the overwhelming stage of internal and external struggles.A phase when every teenager experiences the persistent chorus of raging hormones that transforms even the most sensible ones into lovelorn souls craving to dwell in the hearts of every second person they meet..An age when friends approval means everything to them and parents r like a road block obstructing their path leading to happiness…

I have always been a liberal Mother,more of a friend to my kids and they have shared everything happening in their lives without any hesitation or fear.

But lately my role as a navigator in their lives is oddly replaced by friends,mobiles,laptops.They have essentially become my children’s compass entrusted with the responsibility of showing them the right direction.

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