Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness



Time’s Convert is a story from the World of All Souls. The story begins with book one of the trilogy ‘A Discovery of Witches’ So if you haven’t read the amazing All Souls Trilogy yet it’s probably best to read it first to avoid spoilers. There are spoilers in this review for that series too but not Time’s Convert. Time’s Convert follows on from the trilogy, it’s a “prequelly-sequel” 🙂

Time’s Convert tells us Marcus’ history, his life before he was a vampire and the circumstances of him becoming one. I loved learning more about Marcus and of course about the history of the time. It’s also the story of Phoebe’s tranformation, and for the first time we are given an insight into what it really means to become a vampire and what it’s like. Deb always has such a unique take on fantasy elements like magic and…

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I'll Call It Like I See It

Pretty and I were unable to participate in tonight’s 2018 Pride Parade here in Columbia, South Carolina but we were there in spirit…

PRIDE – 2015

On the bottom row of this collage the handsome young man speaking with a microphone at the Pride Festival was my friend of many, many years Eddie Greenleaf. Sadly, two weeks ago today Pretty and I attended his funeral. We will miss Eddie’s smile and hugs but are very thankful for the memories we share of his commitment to his husband Michael and their ongoing contributions to the LGBTQ community in South Carolina over the past 30 years. Rest in peace, Eddie, and may those of us you left behind never rest until true equality for all becomes the new normal.

Stay tuned.

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Day 8. A day of Spirits and Vikings

Love Travelling

We enjoyed a leisurely start to the day before taking the metro into the city centre from where we walked a short distance for a No.69 bus to the museum park in the northern district of Djurgården. We alighted just outside the Swedish National Museum of Science & Technology where we had planned to spend the morning.  Entrance to the museum is SEK 150 (£12.65).   After picking up a map, we started exploring the Innovations Lab which charts the 100 biggest innovations in history as rated by Swedish people. These cover diverse inventions from the wheel to the steam engine through to more recent innovations including dishwashers and mobile phones.

Untitled The Swedish Museum of Science & Technology

I was very impressed with the way this exhibition was set out as it visualised innovations in new ways making it appealing to all ages.  Visitors also have an opportunity to vote either…

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Visiting Berlin

The Snow Melts Somewhere

I visited Berlin, Germany last year with Hubby and I think that the best adjective I can come up with to describe it is interesting.

The Berlin Hauptbahnhof was very interesting architecturally

There’s so much to see and do there, if you have the time.

Street art everywhere

Another good adjective might be urban. Berlin seemed somehow to exceed the urbanness of most other cities I’ve visited.

The bustle of a big city

What I remember vividly is eating delicious food there, wherever we went. And almost getting lost in the labyrinth of the Gardens of the World.

The huge gardens were influenced by different corners of the world

Berlin would probably make for some great street photography, with a bit more time.


Obviously, there’s the history, too. What it must’ve been like to live there with that famous wall splitting the city. It wasn’t even that…

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Krakow, Part 2: Jagiellonian Botanical Garden

The Snow Melts Somewhere

On our second day in Krakow, in a search for some serenity, we visited the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1783.

Since I don’t have a backyard or garden at home, I always love visiting gardens and parks when I travel.

This garden was just an easy walk away from the touristy crowds of Stare Miasto, Old Town. No tourist groups here – in fact, in addition to us and some employees, we only saw a handful of people.

It was a warm day and this was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours outdoors. Actually, I think this little visit took up half of our day, before we had to head towards the airport. Time well spent!

Searching for orchids…

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I Love Tourists

The Snow Melts Somewhere

…but not touts.

I still haven’t had time to look through my Krakow photos. But when I think back to my first impressions of the town (since first impressions are all you really have time for during a weekend trip), the word touristy comes to mind. I had a really fun time there actually, but the town itself didn’t immediately blow me away.

Yes, I’ve shyly ventured into the realm of opinionated blog posts.

We chose to go to Krakow, of all places, quite randomly – I’ll admit it had never been on my list. Before our trip, I read some blog posts on Krakow, admired the photos and thought the Old Town must be so atmospheric. (I had also read that Kazimierz, the Old Jewish Quarter, was worth visiting. More about that in later posts.)

Nowhere did I read how touristy the Old Town was, however. Or maybe I…

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Real Travel Experiences

The Snow Melts Somewhere

I recently read a great post by Alison from Adventures in Wonderland. She writes about things as they are, not embellishing travel moments at all. Still, her overall style is always upbeat and polite, even when she talks about adversities or destinations she didn’t care for that much due to reasons she then goes on to explain.

My blogging philosophy had been based on steering clear of offending anyone, not wanting to stir up trouble or start any heated debates, and just keeping this blog a happy place. So that makes me hesitant to write about any negative travel experiences.

I also know that the places I didn’t like are surely someone else’s favorite – or even their hometown. Experiences, interpretations and feelings about a destination are very personal, subjective, and arbitrary, after all.

From walking around in Stockholm, Sweden one day

But… Alison inspired me to look at…

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