2019: U… A to Z Italian Famiglia Foods and Memories: Uncle Frankie’s Pickled Eggplant

Everyone Has a Story

2019: U… A to Z Italian Famiglia Foods and Memories: Uncle Frankie’s Pickled Eggplant

I’m back for “Year 4” of the A to Z… April Challenge!

My first year of this challenge had me racking my brain for a writing topic… especially as I didn’t quite understand the process. But finally I came up with 2016:Southern Foods and Memories. They said write what you know… and being a girl born in the South… well this was what I knew.  2017: Conversations with Mama was a somewhat easy one for me as I’d journaled our conversations for years so I researched some of my favorite topics to write on.  2018: All About Nancy Drew has been my favorite topic so far, and I don’t know if I’ll ever come up with another to equal it. It literally had me researching every day for over six months… researching, reading and…

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The Star Beneath Our Feet


The wind picked up as I hit the fourth mile mark.  The warm breeze wrapped around my face and lifted upward and to the East.

It had been a cool fifty degrees when I started my trek an hour and a half earlier, but once the sun crested thirty degrees above the horizon the temperature had been in a steady climb and was fueling the wind gusts that reminded you that the invisible vapor we breath is a powerful force.  One not to misjudge.  It is tornado season after all.

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A Photographic Salute to Earth


As many of you know, one of my hobbies is amateur photography. I love photography, I also love being out and about on the trails, beaches, mountains, valleys, and plains that make up our beautiful country. Since today is a day set aside to celebrate the planet a.k.a. Earth Day, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite photographs I’ve taken over the years.

Winter in the woods, and everywhere

First blooms of Spring

A fiery sunset in Stephenville, NL, Canada

One of the first signs of Spring is when the American Robin returns. Last year a pair of robins made a nest in my neighbor’s flower box – it was wonderful to watch them raise their young. May 2018

In our area fog is a frequent weather condition in spring

Banff, AB, Canada in May 2016

Summer in Newfoundland & Labrador is simply beautiful. This…

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Capturing the Beauty of the Countryside


“I’ve always been sort of interested in the rural countryside. Things happen out there that are very strange to city dwellers.” – John Sandford –

I was born in a small rural community in Newfoundland and lived there for the first dozen years of my life. I am still drawn to the countryside; to trees and forests; and water in all its forms: ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans. I remember a city-raised friend once commenting that she was not comfortable without concrete under her feet. I found that very amusing, but it underlined our differences. What is balm for my soul (the countryside) leaves my friend feeling very strange and out of her comfort zone. I am the opposite but I am much more comfortable in towns and cities than I was when I was 12, back then it felt like culture shock and at the time I thought I might…

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This Weird and Wonderful World


I love when I find something unusual or unique to photograph. Perhaps it’s only me that can see an aardvark in a piece of driftwood or a worm (where there is no worm) on a bright green leaf or the head of a wolf in a tree stump. What can I say? My mind works in bizarre ways at times. My imagination takes over and I try to capture with my camera what I see in my mind’s eye. There is beauty in nature, of this I have no doubt, but there are also elements of the mystical there too – at least that has been my experience. At other times it is just the way the light hits an object or creates a frame like the way the sunlight makes the trees seem like an archway leading to a fairy land – pure magic! And sometimes it is perplexing…

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