How to begin your Self-discovery journey

Being Yourself

Self-discovery is fundamental to personal development. To become the best version of yourself, you first need to know who you are, and be aware of your true potential, needs, values, character, and motives. Self-discovery leads to self-knowledge and requires ongoing self-reflection and self-awareness.

Self- reflection

Self-reflection is the key to personal development. Self-reflection is like a “mirror” that reflects your inner self. Emmanuel Kant once said in the Critique of pure reason, “The exterior, that which surrounds us, is in fact the reflection of our inner self.” So, if you can think and understand your inner world, you will better understand your exterior world, and know how to respond to different situations and circumstances. Self-reflection is about taking time to reflect on your experiences, personality, beliefs, values, actions, and behavior to become self-aware and grow into a better person.

To develop good self-reflection, we need to understand our…

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How and what to do when YOU are the toxic person

Being Yourself

On the self love journey, a lot of emphasis is put on knowing who are your People? , who has your back and who is faking it. Moreover, we have all heard or read: “Identify toxic people, relationships in your life and cut them off, your well being depends on that.” However, have you ever thought about what if you realize that you are the toxic person in the relationship? What do you do then? It can be in friendship, family, love life or situationship, what if you are the toxic person? It is not always someone else’s fault sometimes it’s your own.

How do you know when you are becoming the toxic person and what to do once you realize you are one

How do you know you are the toxic person?

Psychology experts argued that you know you are being the toxic person in a relationship when

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How to practice and maintain healthy relationship

Being Yourself

All relationships are unique and beautiful when real and pure love is in the air. Because February is all about celebrating love, it is important to know how to practice and maintain healthy relationships.

How to practice and maintain healthy relationship

Your relationship is what you give in

Relationship is more about what you give than what you get. If you wanna feel supported, be supportive of your friend, family member, spouse or children. If you wanna feel appreciated, appreciate more. if you wanna be accepted for who you are, accept others for who they are. However, don’t do it as a manipulation tactic to get what you want, be genuine and stay true to yourself. When relationship each partner is giving more of everything, those partners elevate each others higher and have a strong bond.

Your relationship requires self love and communication

Practice self love and self care, the…

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What’s your love language?

Being Yourself

The popular book by Gary Chapman was written in 1995 but it is till relevant today when we talk about relationships. You have probably read How to practice and maintain healthy relationships, this is the second part of that post. If you haven’t read please click on the highlighted title to read.

A love language is how you receive love. According to Chapman, there are five love languages and everyone fall into one of those love languages. However, there are possibility that your love language is the mixture of two or three of the love languages listed below.

The five love languages by Chapman

1. Words of affirmation: for the person who fall into this category, words mean a lot. Even the shortest and simplest phrases can be more effective

2. Acts of service: for this person actions speaks louder than words

3. Receiving gifts: those persons are not…

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Beijing Winter Travel: Things To Do and Where To Go

Rachel Meets China

Beijing is a great destination to visit during the wintertime! While it is does get cold in northern China where Beijing is located, the cold weather should’t deter you from having a great trip. There are lots of great festivals to attend and fun activities to do in winter months, as well as the traditional Beijing attractions to see like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

If you’re planning to travel to Beijing during wintertime around November-February,  here are some of the best tips to know before you travel.


What To Bring To Beijing in Winter

Beijing can gets very cold in the winter, with temperatures ranging from 20-30 F and dropping to the 10s on especially cold days. It’ll feel even colder if you’re outside all day or hiking the Great Wall. You’ll definitely want to bring:

  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Multiple layers
  • Thick outdoor coat
  • Fleece lined leggings…

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December Reflections 30: thank you for…

Kathleen Jowitt


… surprising and exciting developments.

Perhaps they shouldn’t be surprising. When in the autumn we added up the balances of our various savings accounts and found that they made a mortgage deposit, that was after many years of channelling a direct debit in that direction.

What else?

The opportunity to serve on a Cursillo weekend. I wrote a couple of days ago about ‘the privilege of loving people’, and this was largely what I had in mind. Making tea for people, putting chairs out for them, washing their hands… it was wonderful.

Good progress on two books. The Real World is more or less there in terms of word count, and I’m looking forward to diving back in with a red pen in a couple of weeks’ time. The Rassendyll Kidnapping is a lot more nebulous, but a whole load of plot came together in my head at the beginning…

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