Virtual Shopping

Stevie Turner

After a lovely 3 and a half mile walk in the sunshine this morning I thought I’d have another go at trying to order food online from one of the supermarkets.  Yesterday was a lost cause, as no delivery slots were available.  However, today I had more luck.  I logged into Asda and was lucky enough to grab one of the last few evening slots that they had just put out.   It’s been a rather trying time sitting here and ordering food though, as every few minutes a blank screen came on and a message stated that I was in a queue and to not refresh the screen as the site was ‘experiencing a high volume of traffic’.

This has been the first time I’ve ever ordered food online, as I prefer to go to the shop and pick it out myself.  However, these are troubled times.  The world is…

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Town Centre Shopping

Stevie Turner

On Tuesday I ventured into our local town centre, Bury St. Edmunds, for the first time in 3 months.  Mr Johnson had kindly allowed me to travel to our holiday home in July, and I wanted to buy some sun cream in Marks & Spencer’s whilst the shopping centre was relatively quiet.  They stock the only sun cream that my face can tolerate.

Relatively quiet was an understatement.  I passed by many shops that were open, but they had no customers.  A bouncer stood outside Debenham’s, but the cordoned queueing section was empty.  Cafes were either closed or just doing take-aways, and of the shops that were open, a couple had 50% off advertised in the windows.  The few people that were about had managed to find their way to the shops with the biggest discounts.

Barring Covid, I had a sudden theory as to why the shopping centre might…

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June photo a day challenge

Fun photo challenge

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Feelin’ It

Peacock Poetry

I am a highly sentient being and feel emotions on steroids most of the time! The gift of this is that I easily detect and relate to emotions in others and have an awareness of what is really going on around me. Feeling everything so intensely has its challenges for sure and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way for it makes me feel alive.


I’m touched by life, it’s how I tick

I feel my feels or else I’m sick

I don’t do numb, I don’t do static

My colours vivid and dramatic

I’m touched by life, it’s how I work

It comes with setbacks and with perks

Intense at times to be like this

At others light and full of bliss

I’m touched by life, it’s how I’m formed

The roller coaster is my norm

An open sponge, no neutral brick

I’m touched by life, it’s…

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Day 11. Exploring Seminyak, Bali

Love Travelling Blog

After such a hectic previous day we enjoyed a lie-in and didn’t venture down to breakfast until 9.00 a.m. when it was lovely and quiet with a good choice of tables.  I diversified my breakfast choices with a bowl of butternut squash soup (yes, I realise it’s a strange choice for so early in the day but I like soup, and it was available).  It was actually very tasty, served with a piece of roti that I might be tempted to go for the soup option again.

Seminyak Square, Bali Seminyak Square

Time was ticking on, and it was 11.00 a.m. by the time we were ready to arrange a Grab car to take us along the coast to the resort of Seminyak.  The journey took around 30 minutes with the fare amounting to IDR 51,000 (£2.86).  It was interesting to note that this part of the island is built up all the…

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