Yankee Cranberry Bean Soup

The New Vintage Kitchen

It was an old standby, a large pot of flavorful and filling soup that fed an army using pantry staples and leftover scraps.

My mother made yankee bean soup when she had a leftover ham bone and bits of ham and wasn’t planning to make her split pea soup. She didn’t have an actual recipe for it, but used the onions, carrots, and celery that was the base of most of her soups and stews, and she threw in whatever other vegetables she had in the refrigerator.

Most cooks had their own versions of a bean soup, I doubt my mother made it exactly the same twice herself. She varied the beans too, usually white navy beans, but sometimes pinto beans or even yellow eyes. Sometimes, she omitted the tomato and made a milk broth instead, using canned milk, my dad loved it that way.

Ready for company

I had…

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New week Inspiration ❤️☀ . . . New week New chapter


New week, new chapter, new page and new wishes……
May new opportunities and blessings will be brought to your door every single day of this week.
And may every day be filled with love, sunshine, hope, and positive energy. Let there be joy, fun and laughter.
Wishing you a Happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead.

Text and image source: Mitra Shahidi on Facebook

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George Michael – This Is How (We Want You To Get High)

Gabriele ROMANO 📎 bLOG


Although Geroge Michael is no longer there…, a new song was released three days ago.


So you raise another glass looking for a different space,
I was leaning on the grass dreaming of a sunnier day,
oh it never came, how could it have baby
where the present meets the past it’s hard to be more than we’ve seen

Your daddy was a drinker he just kept drinking til the shit he was thinking sounded true,
Your mama was a thinker she just wasn’t thinking on the day that she looked at him and said I do,

Cause I will always I will always I will always I will always try to get my shit together,
I guess we always guess we always knew, that it would be stormy weather

This is how we want you to get high the way that we showed you the way that…

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NYBG Plants

Sherry Felix - port4u

There is always a huge verity of plants.

Fourth of four NYBG posts

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Loch Doon and Loch Cornish

The Glasgow Gallivanter

On a bright, cold Sunday in October, we ventured down to Ayrshire to explore the area around Loch Doon. We arrived just in time for lunch and, although the ospreys which nest nearby had departed for warmer climes some months before, we still enjoyed watching them via video as we ate in the Roundhouse Café.

The view across the loch from the café is very pretty, and there is an interesting walk along the Ness Glen which leaves from its door. However, this was the day after the clocks went back and we knew it would get dark early. There was more we wanted to see along the road, including a castle, so we decided to save this walk for another day.

Loch Doon Castle looks ancient – and it is, but all is not what it seems. The castle was built in the early 14th century on an island…

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