Sisters Publishing 1979-1984

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My recent discovery of Barbara Jefferis’s biographical Three of a Kind (1982), which I reviewed here, led to another discovery, which deserves its own post.

I had stumbled on something very special with my second-hand purchase of the book.  It was produced by Sisters Publishing, a 20th century feminist women’s publishing house and subscription book club, based in Carlton, here in Melbourne. Sisters only lasted five years, but that was an amazing achievement in itself given its skeleton staff and shoestring budget, the small size of the Australian market, the competition from other publishing houses and their choice to produce mainly poetry books (which don’t sell well as we know).  But it was still a great initiative that launched the careers of Beverley Farmer and Jean Bedford (reviewed on this blog here and here).

The editorial board listed at the back of the book is a who’s who…

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