Australian Women War Reporters, Boer War to Vietnam, by Jeannine Baker #BookReview

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australian-women-war-reportersSynchronicity!  On Tuesday as I read more of Australian Women War Reporters, Boer War to Vietnam by Jeannine Baker – a fascinating book I discovered from Carolyn Holbrook’s review at Inside Story – I came across the name of Louise Mack, in the chapter called ‘War from a Woman’s Angle’.  The women featured in this chapter include Agnes Macready and Edith Dickenson who reported on the Boer War; Katharine Susannah Prichard whose subsequent writing was apparently very much influenced by having witnessed the wreckage ofwar near the front in WW1, and Janet Mitchell who reported on the Japanese occupation of Manchuria in 1931-32.  All these women have interesting stories, but it was Louise Mack who grabbed my attention because she was so unconventional…

Then, to my surprise, the name of Louise Mack cropped up again in Sue’s Monday Musings at Whispering Gums!  As Sue says, Louise Mack is hardly a household name so this is synchronicity…

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