Family Recipes and Memories: Blackberry Cooking

Everyone Has a Story

Family Recipes and Memories: Blackberry Cooking

blackberry bushes of mama

Nothing catches my eye quicker than a dish made with blackberries!

While browsing through my genealogy blogging group, I stopped on a fellow bloggers post from “Ancestors in Aprons“… I just love the name of her blog! It was a picture of a blackberry pie that caught my eye… and in my mind I could almost smell it! Yum… Yum! It was that post which sparked me to write about my grandmother and her “blackberry” pies and jam… and the stories I’ve been told through the years!

While I don’t have many memories of my grandmother, Ola (Askew) McKinley… I do remember the many jars of blackberry jam she kept on the kitchen counter waiting to come home with me! As a young girl, it was always the first thing I looked for when we arrived, and the last thing I grabbed…

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