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Jennifer ~ Tar Heel Reader

20181013_184903.jpgHappy Tuesday!  Today I have a review of In Pieces, Sally Field’s memoir, available now from Grand Central. Friends, when I was invited to read this book by the publisher, I could not believe my eyes. The day before I saw Sally Field on The View promoting her book, and I was one step away from buying a copy because I’ve always been a fan of hers. Please read on for my thoughts on this much-anticipated book!

My Thoughts:

Sally Field…My first introduction being either Steel Magnolias or Forrest Gump? I had heard of Gidget, the happy-go-lucky, girl-next-door, cute, charming, all smiles. 

Sally Field has a story to tell. It took her seven years to write it and a lifetime to live and process it. She could have kept this all to herself; we certainly never would have known. Her family hardly knew.

Some have asked me if In…

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