Outfit: High & Wide

Picking the Day

Flares 3“I will never, NEVER, wear high waisted trousers! NEVER!!”

I distinctly remember saying this to my Mum one day, around the tender teenage years, whilst watching Britney Spears gyrating on TV in jeans so low slung she must have needed a bikini wax to wear them. My mother was not enamoured with the style, which is what prompted this bold statement from me, because as a precocious teen I naively thought I’d always have tiny hips and a washboard stomach, and the thought of covering them up with ‘grown up’ jeans was frankly ghastly.

Back then, only boot cut jeans would do. Straight leg jeans were too mumsy, and skinny jeans weren’t a thing yet, though of course skinnies not long after became the jeans of choice. So much so, in fact, that they were almost the only acceptable style out there (if you were in any way style conscious)…

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