The Burning Library, by Geordie Williamson

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 My first response to seeing the chapter headings in Geordie Williamson’s The Burning Library,Our Great Novelists Lost and Found was, ‘Oh good, I’ve read most of these authors!’  That’s not as facile as it sounds, because it means that since I agree with Geordie Williamson’s choices about these being wonderful authors who shouldn’t be forgotten, I can trust his opinion on the ones I don’t know and get hold of a copy of them quick smart!

I’m one of the ordinary readers that Geordie Williamson hopes will rescue our collective Australian literary achievement from oblivion.  His cogent argument is that our education institutions have all but abandoned teaching Australian literature, and that some of our best, most brilliant writers are all but forgotten,their backlists abandoned by publishers.  Well, The Burning Library is an excellent introduction to some of these authors, and it belongs on the bookshelves of every booklover in the nation.

Now this is not…

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