Ever Yours, C. H. Spence, edited by Susan Magarey, with Barbara Wall, Mary Lyons and Maryan Beams

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There isn’t any way that I will have completed reading Ever Yours by Catherine Helen Spence in time for Bill’s Australian Women’s Writers Generation 2 (AWW Gen2) Week at The Australian Legend and anyway it’s been reviewed by a proper historian (Janine, at The Resident Judge of Port Phillip), so instead I’m going to risk Bill’s wrath by discussing why this book is worthwhile research reading for authors of historical fiction here in Australia. (Bill doesn’t care for historical fiction: he’d rather read texts written at the relevant time).

But those of us who enjoy historical fiction as an activist’s tool for bringing untold stories to light, (see here if you need convincing), want it to be both authentic and illuminating.   Research needs to be thorough and it needs to come from diverse sources.  This very day I was discussing the authenticity of the girls’ curriculum described in Louise…

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