of love and war

House of Heart

Unwillingly I  travel,

in order to survive,

through memories that summon

without consent.

There lies your winter coat

where we once lay our backs,

half buried  in the falling snow,

rotting now  among  cones  and needles.

The forest floor smells of burning pine

and silence is  the sound of pounding

hooves or soft as the moon rising

In your kingdom of stars.

Excerpt from  Gurkski’s  ” Il me faut t’abandonne”

“Come dusk is when my mind walks out

from where I fence myself in,

my dark room of nightly delights where

I encounter her,  my queen of all things blue

and we fight right from the start

To  make me love her even more.

I place the hands of my heart to gather*

my hunting spirit, follow her footprints

into our forests of  love and war.”


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