2019 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards longlist

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Yes, it’s time to go shopping again, the 2019 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards longlist has been announced.


  • The Man Who Would Not See by Rajorshi Chakraborti (Penguin Random House), already on my wishlist
  • The Life of De’Ath by Majella Cullinane (Steele Roberts Aotearoa), now on my wishlist
  • The New Ships, by Kate Duignan (Victoria University Press).  I have this one, loved it, see my review. 
  • Caroline’s Bikini by Kirsty Gunn (Faber Fiction) (winner of the Most Unappealing Title award? Apparently a book about *yawn* writing a book.  But let’s not be hasty: see The Guardian review.)
  • Mazarine, by Charlotte Grimshaw (Penguin Random House)  In two minds about this one, Goodreads reviewers who I trust are ambivalent about it. Stuff NZ reviewed it here.
  • The Cage by Lloyd Jones (Penguin Random House), I have this one too, it’s on my TBR)
  • The Ice Shelf by Anne…

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