Review: Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst

Ezzie's Bookshelf

”Socialite. Were-dragon. Thief.
The only thing worth stealing is the truth.”


Fire & Heist was the featured book in the December ‘Dragons’ Fairyloot. I love dragons and all things dragon related, so I insta-bought that box. I hope to have my full unboxing online later this week, it took forever for an items that had to be separately send to arrive. Oh well, it was worth it!

When Fairyloot announced the December theme I had a whole different idea of the book than when I had the book in my hands and started reading. I think it is called contemporary or urban fantasy, as it takes place ‘in the real world’. I am not usually a fan of that, as I read to escape the real world, but I was surprised.
Practically the only reasons I read this book was because of the dragon theme. It was a bit…

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