Top 10 rooftops visited in 2018

Being Yourself

I am a great fan of good food, sweet cocktails and great vibes. Spending on experiences I see it as an investment. My partner is a fan of great views and good meat and also a great, well let say a huge fan of beers, he is always searching for the next beer to taste. In 2018 only I don’t know how many times he has tasted new beer. I have came up with a list of our top 10 restaurants/ bars/ rooftops we visited in 2018

Top 10 rooftops/ restaurants/ bars in Gauteng

10. PRIMI Eastgate mall

The Italian restaurant situated in Eastgate mall has one of the best view and you don’t feel like you are in a shopping mall. The view is beautiful and their kebab, cocktails and beer were great. The service was excellent.

9. RARE Steakhouse Clearwater

There is nothing I enjoy more like a…

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