Why Love Is In The Air Is A Classic

Welcome to Odyssey!

(in the air)

I can’t read the title without dying at how painfully accurate it is. XD Anyway, happy Thursday, almost weekend, and another day into February! Where the mush never ends and the sap never runs out. Anyway.

For a small town, Odyssey’s sure had a lot of drama, especially in the romantic department. Pick any saga from any era, there’s bound to be one or two (or in a hilarious instance, 3) poor unfortunate couples and their problems and it’s funny. Don’t ask me about my sense of humor, my brother used to laugh at the AIO animated videos when someone got hurt.

But for THIS episode, we get to hear two couples and a Connie and a Jack and the awkward tension is so perfectly thick you could it it with a knife and serve it for dessert. XD

(so basically, a live reaction)

(because I don’t listen to…

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