The blessings of birds


The blessings of birds are many from their importance to ecosystems to the joys they bring with their songs. Here is another installment of photographs to help cheer your day. As always I am grateful to Kathy Marche, the photographer and the soul with a big heart. Thanks again, Kathy.

American Goldfinch – Kathy Marche photo

American Redstart – Photo by Kathy Marche

Black-backed Woodpecker – Kathy Marche photo

Black-bellied Plover – Photo by Kathy Marche

Cedar Waxwing – Kathy Marche photo

Common Yellowthroat – photo by Kathy Marche

Downy Woodpecker – Kathy Marche photo

Golden-crowned Kinglet – Kathy Marche photo

Hairy Woodpecker – photo by Kathy Marche

Kildeer – photo by Kathy Marche

Lincoln Sparrow – Kathy Marche photo

Northern Three-toed Woodpecker – Kathy Marche photo

Olive-sided Flycatcher – Kathy Marche photo

Pine Grosbeak – Kathy Marche photo

If you ever visit the province of Newfoundland & Labrador you…

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