Swoon Worthy YA Romances


Happy Wednesday bookworms, it’s that time of year again, when grocery store aisles fill to the brim with chocolates, and pink frilly decorations assault you wherever you go… tomorrow is Valentines day! I am not a huge Valentine’s person myself, I have never been big on the holiday, but this year, in the spirit of the day of love, I decided to go through some of the truly swoon-worthy romances in my favourite YA books. I will say that as a rule, I don’t read romance novels (my rule is usually that I have to be able to take the romance out and still have a plot, or I don’t read it) but there are some great couples in regular fantasy and scifi as well. There will be mild spoilers ahead, but I really tried my best to avoid them.

1. Elloren and Yvan, The Black Witch


From the moment…

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