Ultimate Relationships: Wooton & Penny

Welcome to Odyssey!

Ultimate Relationships_ Wooton & Penny

What time is it?

If you say “tool timeee!” I’ll probably not speak to you for a month. But if you don’t say tool time I’ll probably glare at you until Album 67 comes out, so you really don’t have much of a choice. As it is, it’s not tool time, it’s ranting time about another actually kinda controversial couple, Wooton and Penny!

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*crackles knuckles* The research for this post included re-listening to one or two or three episodes, searching up old AIO bloggies and checking out the ToO, as well as re-reading a bunch of the AIOWiki’s synopses, so I’d say I’m pretty well prepared. (If only my schoolwork research was as fun as this. Ahem.) let’s go before someone jumps ship- the relationship, that is!

Boy, I’m gonna be glad when February’s over.


Penny and Wooton were two very unknown characters to me when I got re-introduced…

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