Family Recipes and Memories: Italian Home-Made Manicotti

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Family Recipes



Manicotti was a food that I never grew up with or had even heard of until I married an Italian guy and he dragged me from my Georgia southern roots to a far away state called Connecticut! I soon learned there were other foods besides fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and okra! I have to admit, that it took me years to warm up to these very different type foods. I often shook my head “no” more often than “yes” in the beginning… but eventually I warmed up to tasting them when offered. Every holiday held a new surprise of foods for me, and over time… for the most part, they are now my favorites too!

Manicotti, meaning “little sleeve” or “little shirtsleeve”, is more of an Italian-American type of pasta… also meaning “cooked hands”, referring to hands burnt when making the crepes… I’ve yet to burn my…

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