Renewed, Renewed


She placed the dime she’d found in the tray upon the shelf

To join its many fellows – little shining tokens of love and blessings here

Signs sent to remind her, we never walk alone

White feathers on the mantle

Reverence in her heart

she takes one down, her fingers caress it, smoothing out the fibers

Remembering all the times, the locations, and the stories

They each appeared as if by magic to instill confidence and give comfort –

Reminders of divine grace, of power and gentle might

She returns the feather to its place and raises upturned palms

She worships not the plumage, nor bright and silver coin

They are but signs that represent calmness in the storm –

A gentle guidance that has never, ever failed her

And she is attuned once more

connected to the Creator’s love and power

Born again once more in every atom of…

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