How important is humility?

Being Yourself

We live in a world where being arrogant is praised, people don’t know how to be humble. Humble people are seen as weak, not goal oriented. How important is humility?On a scale from 0 to 10, I would personally say 11. Being humble is one of the important quality to develop as well. Being humble open your heart for compassion, being humble open your mind to learn more and acquire more knowledge. Be humble

Things you have to understand about humility

Humble people are easily teachable, although they might have all the money in the world they are always ready to learn new things and improve on what they know. Humility precedes glory, there is no glory without humility. You know nothing about amazing grace and unfailing love from God if you think everything you have you deserve it. You are not more human than anyone else just because of…

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