I Stand With New Zealand, and I Stand Against Bigotry Anywhere

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Once again, the world witnesses the horror of an evil person committing mass murder, this time against innocent worshipers in a mosque in New Zealand. It is an unthinkable horror, with at least 49 dead and many more wounded.

The person who perpetrated this evil was a white supremacist who saw immigration as an evil that somehow threatened white people.

The true evil of hatred and bigotry is growing in our world. Unfortunately, the fascism that seemed to have been defeated in World War Two is active and, once again, emerging. It must be opposed by reasonable people everywhere.

Political figures who stoke the fires of bigotry for their own purposes must bear some of the responsibility for these terrible actions, but we, the people of the world, must stand up to right-wing extremism and bigotry always.

I grieve for the pain of the people who suffer from this…

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