Crimson’s Creative Challenge #20 – The Red Dot



My aged travelling companion, Crisp, was fascinated by the level crossing gates. “Why the big red dot in the middle?” she mused.

“Maybe tomorrow the word STOP might be painted on,” I suggested.

“Odd,” she said as she stood and observed the red dot. “Funny place this England,” she continued, “they don’t do thinks like we do. Like where’s the flashing lights, what use is this little piddling lamp on top of the gates meant to achieve?”

Crisp was a woman of opinion on most topics and continuously compared what she saw to back home. Stepping back she raised her camera and proceeded to snap off a few photos which I was sure would be used upon arriving home when she gave her report on the trip to the local Country Women’s Association. I was sure they were enjoying her being on the other side of the world!

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