I’m Back, I’m Sorry, And The Newest April Club Episode Is… Interesting (Brief Rant on Fan-ing)

Welcome to Odyssey!

Hello Odyssey. Have I missed you.

And I mean that. XD I have no clue what on earth happened to all the posts I was gonna write but HA. Life happened. And like, the weirds of life. The very weirds. It was crazy.

In short, I’ve missed AIO more than I wanted to. The sole episode I actually got to listen to being that one where Jules confesses her undying love for her boi (with a definite space) friend and Jillian royally ruins things. But yeah. I’ve been out of the writing half-baked posts loop. But I’m back now! *jazz hands*

Image result for did ya miss me meme obvious answer: no

Anyway fam, I just listened to the newest Club episode, and since nobody’s here to yell at me, I figured it be a good to talk about. 😀 Maybe. No. Oh well. So, in my fanpersoning way, here’s a review of Between Camp and A Hard…

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