Book Review: A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand

Reading with My Eyes

Wow is a word for A Bad Day For Voodoo, this is my 2nd Jeff Strand book, so I thought I was prepared for by how bonkers it could get, but I was wrong. This book takes any story you have read with voodoo dolls to a whole new level. These voodoo dolls are super charged when a pin pricks it the orifice explodes in bloody fashion. Every character is slightly deranged. This book like the excellent Wolf Hunt is written like movie, the pace is so fast you should have a popcorn in hand. This story reminded me of a teen sex comedy involving voodoo dolls and no sex.

The Plot: Tyler Churchill is an average 16 year old just trying to make it through high school. His best friend is Adam, who’s kind of a deranged slacker, his girlfriend is Kelley one of the smartest girls in school…

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