The Other Woman


The Other Woman

by Sandie Jones

Published by Minotaur Books

Published August 21st 2018


Do you ever find yourself desperately wanting to reach through the pages of a book and throttle a character? Shake them and yell, “Wake the hell up!!” That pretty much sums up how I felt through the entire reading of The Other Woman.

Emily meets a man, Adam, and falls in love. She thinks he’s perfect, despite his conniving mother who wants Emily out of the way.

There were many, many signs from the beginning that Emily just didn’t “see”. This made the story a bit unbelievable for me. A woman so blinded by her perception of love that she misses the big flashing warning signs telling her to run away and never look back. Maybe I’ve forgotten what that sort of new love feels like, maybe I’m too “old” to connect with that way…

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