The Witch and The Flower

Susan's Place

There was only one thing the old witch cared about,

it was her flower,

at the top of her tower

Each morning she’d climb the stairs with care

not to slip, always being aware

Holding her watering can tightly so not to spill a drop

She’d always make it to the top

Every Spring she’d plant a seed

It was the beauty that she’d need

Her life was dark and full of hate

Not her fault, it was her fate

The old witch was lonely for many years

One day she’d die, twas her only fear

“Oh beautiful flower upon the top

Keep me company until I drop

If you die and leave me one day

My life will be a total dismay”

This is what the old witch would say

Repeating herself everyday

One day she looked up to see

The drooping flower, how could this be

By the…

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