Namibia: Op-My-Stoep Lodge

Wandering Ambivert

We arrived at our home for the night just after 5pm. As soon as we opened the door we were blown away by how beautiful it looked and how it was decorated. It was cozy to say the least.

Most of the furniture were made from wine barrels. It was fascinating to observe everything from up close and how it’s made.

Looking out the kitchen window, we were greeted by this beautiful view. Now that’s something I wish I could take home.

One thing I loved the most was the dead silence. It’s so incredible to stand outside and not hear a thing. But after a few minutes the silence was interrupted by a few jackals howling in the distance. When we heard that, we knew we were finally in Namibia.

For dinner we had some deliciously cooked chicken hamburgers.

When we were finished eating I waited a bit for…

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