Climate change is humanity’s biggest own goal ever

Matthew Wright

It started raining so hard the other week that animals began lining up two-by-two to board a boat owned by my neighbours.

A beautiful picture of Earth from 1.6 million km sunwards. NASA, public domain.

I am only being slightly hyperbolic with that statement. Topsy-turvy weather seems to be the name of the game at the moment, not just in my neighbourhood but right around the world as far as I can tell.

It’s a direct outcome of the obvious issue – climate change, in which humanity’s own industrial wastes – notably carbon dioxide build-up over the past 250-odd years, particularly – have been the triggering factor. It’s an own goal of the largest dimension, and the immediate outcome is chaotic weather patterns in which the weather systems are, literally, being pushed out of place. Later on that will be joined by rising sea levels, along with more chaotic weather…

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