Join Julie for a potter around Glenridding

Julie Haiselden

Wednesday 15 May

With the fatigue of a week’s fells in my legs, I gave myself some time off! I spent a lovely day in Glenridding, home to the Ullswater ‘Steamers’.

IMG_20190515_101951899 Imagine living in one of the cottages to the left – everyone tells me I’d hate it in winter…

IMG_20190515_133758726A glorious trip aboard a grand old lady of the lake

IMG_20190515_124158409 A delightfully tranquil way to spend a couple of hours

IMG_20190515_110550991 Glenridding back to its beautiful best after the flood damage of 2015

Poignant reminder of the sacrifice made by the local community. War memorial between Patterdale and Glenridding with a personal cross for each of the fallen. RIP

IMG_20190515_161109627 A quiet spot to drink in the panorama and get on with the latest book review

A walk beside Glenridding Beck then back to base via St Patrick’s Church in Patterdale

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