‘Old Friends and New Enemies’ by Owen Mullen

Colin Garrow

Old Friends and New EnemiesOld Friends and New Enemies

When Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron is engaged to find a missing husband, his contacts soon lead to a body in the mortuary. But it isn’t the one he was expecting. Shocked to discover an old friend has been murdered, Charlie sets out to find the killer, but the path to the truth is far from straightforward. Crime boss Jimmy Rafferty also has an interest in following Charlie’s progress, and when the unsuspecting sleuth hooks up with ex-girlfriend Fiona, things start to get dangerous.

Owen Mullen tells a good tale – his main character is well drawn and believable and the villains are wonderfully gritty. The story is a slow burner with lots of character development, helping the reader to root for the hero and there’s also a few surprises along the way (which is nice) and an interesting twist to the ending.


The book…

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