‘Out of the Silence’ by Owen Mullen

Colin Garrow

Out of the Silence

Former golden-boy reporter Ralph Buchanan spends too much time wallowing in whisky and self-pity, so when Doctor Simone Jasnin asks for help, it takes him a while to summon up the energy to get involved. But the personal story of an abused woman and her connection to a successful young businessman grabs his attention and Buchannan soon finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery.

And wouldn’t you know it, Owen Mullen does it again. This bloke has the sort of talent in his keyboard-tapping fingertips that the rest of us can only dream about. Though very different to his Charlie Cameron thriller series, this is a literary masterpiece that paints a vivid and powerful portrait of the disparity between wealth and poverty in Pakistan, telling a tender love story that turns into one of abuse, murder and revenge.

A cracking good read.

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