22 Things I have learnt in 22 Years


Hello and welcome!!!

So recently I celebrated my 22nd birthday and I have just been thinking a lot about the things I have learnt so far and I got the idea to do this post.

All our experiences are different and no one’s story to me is better or worse than the other. The shit is just different.

Let’s get into it:

1. Some people are put in your life for you to remove them from it

2. Not everyone who claims to be your friend truly is

3. Do what you like, fuck others, people will always have an opinion

4. It’s okay to be sick, just treat it

5. Not everyone in ironed clothes have stable mental health

6. Living with a mental disorder is hard

7. Humans change back and forth while never moving from one position

8. It’s okay to have little

9. It’s okay to…

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