What do you do when you get to nowhere?


I’ve had weird phrases running through my head all week. I have no idea why these phrases are popping in and out. Perhaps my brain is overloaded with too many points. If only I could have a full brain that could help me predict the lottery numbers. Alas, that is not the case. And probably so for the super majority of the world.

Now, on top of everything else I’ve got the phrase “bridge to nowhere” running through my head. I was just talking earlier today about serving as a bridge – an intermediary of sorts- between two very angry people who dislike one another. I don’t like being the go-between. Nor do I like being the bridger. If certain people don’t like each other, I am not too sure why we need to force the issue. Nor everyone has to be be be liked by everyone. Actually, that is…

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