A Kind Of Changing Sides – 30 Songs 30 Days

Art Expedition

On the 4th day of my new blog challenge –

Share Your Music! 30 Days 30 Songs

– I’m going to share with you a song, that caused me to actually steer away from a once clear path. 😉

It’s a question as old as time – or well, as old as these two bands anyway – whether you are a Beatles fan or a Stones fan?

I always thought I could answer this with a clear and loud “I’m a Beatles fan!” – and don’t get me wrong, I so absolutely am.

But when I heard this song for the first time – which was when I watched “Interview With The Vampire” starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst and Christian Slater – I was stupefied!


(I have to add that I absolutely loved this movie and could actually almost quote it line for line at one point, this…

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