Art in Clay – The Cloak

Art Expedition

Browsing through my own blog, I´ve noticed that I haven’t shared with you examples of my art work with clay for some time now. (tsk! tsk!)

In the hope that you will forgive this inexcusable lapse, I´m posting today one of my latest pieces – The Cloak.

I´ve made it with white clay, which by the way, is no better than the red one, I simply prefer it because my clothes look less muddy afterwards and it´s also sometimes better for certain glazes.

P1130772 The Cloak (white clay, unfired)

Before the piece can be put in the kiln it needs to dry thoroughly.

P1130773 The Cloak (white clay, unfired)

After the firing the clay reveals its true color (having looked rather grey before).

P1130904 The Cloak (white clay, after firing)

It´s also much easier to take photographs from any kind of ceramics when they are (still) unglazed, the light tends not to bounce…

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