Let’s Dance! 30 Days 30 Songs

Art Expedition

Day 7 of my new blog challenge –

Share Your Music! 30 Days 30 Songs!

Please feel free to join me anytime you want! And if you do, it would be lovely if you would pingback to my post so that I can keep track of your favorite songs as well.
Today I’m going to ask you to dance with me! And when I think of dancing, I think of John Travolta!

And when I think of John Travolta almost a million dance scenes pop into my head!

So it’s only fair to share at least two with you here today!

The first one also happens to be from one of my favourite Tarantino movies “Pulp Fiction”. John Travolta and Uma Thurman are dancing to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell”:

The second dance scene comes from an equally awesome movie (Saturday Night Fever)  with even more awesome music by…

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