Weeks 18-21: Weight/Mass; Aging; Negative Space; Serenity

Amy Pantone

Time to play catch-up with the 52-week photography challenge.

Week 18: Inspiration: Weight or Mass

“Heavy as a stone, light as a feather. Find inspiration and shoot an amazing photograph.”

Weight, Mass, clouds

I remember as a kid looking up at the clouds thinking wouldn’t it be nice to sit on one of those.  They look so light and fluffy.

Week 19: Story Telling: Aging

“Love it or hate it, aging is something we all experience. So tell us the story of Aging in a single photograph.”

aging, log, old fence

Nature and man-made side by side aging.

Week 20:  Composition: Negative Space

“Create a powerful landscape using Negative Space.”

Negative Space, pole, mustard

A big beautiful spring sky and a field of mustard make up the negative space around this telephone pole in the middle of a field.

And finally, ahead of schedule…

Week 21:  Inspiration: Serenity

“What does Serenity mean to you?”

Serenity, creek

A quiet space away from the bustle…

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