Binding of Bindings #20: The Vain Post (1) – 10 Books You’ll Buy for the Cover


This Binding of Bindings is for the truly vain.
The seekers of outerperfection.
The lovers of all things shiny, beautiful, enticing and eye-catching.

Who cares what’s on the inside?!
It’s all about the OUTside!
These are all the books you can’t help but love for their looks.


~* The Vain Post *~


1. Mechanica by Betsy Cromwell
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Retelling/Steampunk


Mechanica is a Steampunk retelling of Cinderella, which follows a young female inventor with hopes of escaping her bleak life. Nicollette happens upon a cellar full of books and mechanical menagerie, which may be the path to her fairy tale ending.

2. Hook & Crown by Nicole Knapp
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Retelling
Pub Date: June 11, 2019

Hook and Crown.jpg

Hook & Crownis a Peter PanRetelling that follows Elena Hart as she arrives at her new boarding school in London. As…

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