A Letter to an Unknown Soldier

The Open Concavity

At the time when the Maute-ISIS Group wreaked havoc on Mindanao, one of the three main islands of my country, the Philippines, this was the least that I can do to show my support for our valiant Filipino soldiers.

Philippines Muslim Militants Source: Inquirer.net

Dear Honorable Soldier,

I may not know you personally, but I would like to give you my deepest and sincerest gratitude for all the things you had to give up just to make me live the safest and most comfortable life possible.

While I rant about how terrible my boss and work were for the day, there you are not complaining even a single thing about how tedious and dangerous the battle you have to fight every single time in Marawi.

While I make a big deal and feel sad about how far my Rizal residence is from my boyfriend’s Cavite hometown, there you are miles apart from your…

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