Becoming the Woman I Want to Be | Rosie Lewis Writes

rosie abigail

This is me; Rosie Lewis, blogger, theatre maker, over-thinker, allergic to nuts, has a tendency to fall over.

meee blue

In all honesty, I quite like the woman I’ve become. She’s intelligent, creative, kind-hearted, and loyal. She’s a great cook, can sing you a nice song, and will offer to proofread your essays. The woman I’ve become may lack physical balance, and emotional control, but she loves and cares fiercely, which I think makes up for it. I like to think that teenage Rosie would look at this woman and think ‘well, she’s not the worst’. Teenage Rosie wouldn’t like my sense of style (“midi-skirts are awful”), or my career goals (“running a business and lecturing? What happened to acting?”), or my Harry Potter house (“Hufflepuff? What?! We’re a Gryffindor!”). But, she’d respect my music taste and my ethics, and would like the fact I am rather independent. I…

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