Bible for Anger Management: How God is Helping Me Throughout the Process

The Open Concavity

Aside from lulling myself to sleep and choosing my outfit of the day every morning, I would consider my self as quick as a brown fox in almost anything I do.

Jumel, my boyfriend, who had once been trained in the military, would always tell me that I am “snappy”.

Well, I really am most of the times. I want everything quick and instant.

I walk in between insanely crowded train stations here in the Philippines in less than ten minutes because I can’t stand the Manila traffic. Why ride the public utility vehicles if you can reach your destination by feet?

Right away, I can think of a joke about something my friends and family members have just said. If it wasn’t for my dream of becoming a lawyer, I would have pursued a career in comedy.

Without holding on to the safety handrails and with only my balancing…

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