Prompts – June 9 – The Old Toolshed.


IMG_0146Prompt B (sentence starter): “Can I poke around?”


“So what’s this?”

“That my dear is a thingame.”

“Oh what’s it for?”

“Glad you asked it’s for fixing left handed bolts on right-handed nuts.”

“Oh, you’ve got a lot of stuff.”

“Taken me years to collect it all.”

“And what do you call this?”



“Yes it looks like a wrench doesn’t it, but it works better when I call it Hilda and watch this when I caress the handle. Hear that?”


“Listen, it’s purring.”

“Really, you can hear that?”

“Of course, you should be here when I get Ralph out.”


“My nail hammer. Wow does he like being turned on. Goes off with a real bang.”

“I see. So what is this?”

“That’s a whatsit.”

“What does it do?”


“As in?”

“As in any time you need a good whatsit, that’s your tool.”


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