“I’m not like other girls”


(will post about the rest of my trip soonish)

Girls who say “I’m not like other girls” are literally the female counterpart to “nice guys”.

“Oh I don’t fit in with the traditional view of femininity/masculinity therefore I am better than those that do – but that makes me more appealing to the opposite sex yeah??”

IDK I don’t want to be one of those blogs that just reposts stuff I saw on Reddit but this Reddit post is just reposting something from Tumblr so…

Also sorry kids there’s some swearing in this but if you are OK with that – the comments on this are something I wish I understood as a teen girl.

I think I’ve talked about this in a super old post on my blog (concerning putting down girls for liking makeup). I really need to read over those and edit them (because they were all…

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